Epic Casino Slot Machines



Our team would split responsibilities according to our strengths, and each time we worked on a new slot machine a different artist would be in charge of the theme and direction.


Most themes shown here are the slot machines that I directed. I was generally responsible for stock art resource gathering, treatments for low icons and text, and machine frames.


Slot Art Team Members: David Bae, Luke Litman, Nathan Ratcliffe, Kate McCarter

  • Designed the color palette, icon frames, machine frame, and edited the icons shown below.

  • Icons I worked on. All started as or used stock art bases.

  • All edited stock art. Character work by David Bae.

  • I did the initial pass, with David Bae finalizing the characters later. All started as stock with the exception of the low icons that I created from scratch.

  • I did the initial pass on this with later edits by various members of the team. All stock are based with the exception of the low (letter) icons.

  • This machine is entirely 3d (designed by Luke Litman and David Bae). I was responsible for updating the icon model textures and machine frame.

  • Did final editing of the low (letter) icons, wild icon, and high icon frames.

  • Frame illustration using stock art base.

  • Frame illustration using stock art base.

  • Frame illustrations with custom type treatments.